Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Korean Hip Bath

I have to blog about this new ritual I have discovered.  Its called a Hip Bath.  I got it at JeJu Spa just north of atlanta. Its a cleanses the vagina by sitting over a boiling pot of herbs for 45 mins.  It is suppose to tighten and get rid of toxins as well a list of other things.  She had me at tighten and I tuned her out.  $30 and you wear a cape to hold in the heat and you just bake!!  I don't know how much it worked to tighten but I loved to sweat and the herbs have to be good for my skin if nothing else.  I want to go get it weekly.  I wish I took some pictures to show.  Next time I will def take a pic of me sitting on the pot. Think the child potty with a boiling pot.  Its a sight to see that's for sure.  The things that we do for beauty.... just add this to the very long list.


  1. im on my way there now! not sure if i'm gonna do the hip bath today, though...~misskanika

  2. I went last night with a girlfriend for my b-day. It was nice- very nice. Will see if it affects my cramps. Will get it done again in a few months. We left 1:30am.

  3. I visited the JeJu Sauna/ Spa and had the hip bath, body scrub, and massage.....everything was simply amazing!